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The Original Founders (Early 20th Century)

The Original Founders (Early 20th Century)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

By: Father Daniel Cogul

Bangsamoro Muslim Fighters belonging to MILF and their Sub Commands Attacked anew Democratic Government Positions and Democratic Forces suffered several Democratic Soldiers Lives. 

MILF and their Subcommands successfully overrun several Democratic Government Positions on the Bangsamoro Nation and takes several branagays on the Zamboanga Peninsula Shores. The democratic Forces helplessly retreated from the Barangays and thus befalling into Bangsamoro Forces hands. 

The Attack involved Several hundreds of Muslim Bangsamoro Fighters and shooting Philippine Democratic Government Forces. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Red revolutionaries from the 3rd Red bagani Company, Front 15 Operations Command, 8th Red Bagani Command and with the help of the people who revolted against the Philippine democratic Government delivers a deadly blow on the 67th Infantry Battalion and to Democratic Governor Corazon Malanyaon. 

The 3rd Red Bagani Company and the Front 15 attacked the Platoons of the 3rd Public Safety Company of the Democratic Police in Village Bangol, and Targona Davao Del Norte. 6 Immediately died from the attacked made by the 3rd Red Bagani Company and Front 15. 

Confiscated from them are 2 M203 Rifles, 3 M16 Rifles, 2 M14 Rifles, 4 9mm Handguns, and Several Military Packs. 

The Attacked occured on 4 am to 7 am and targeting the Democratic Police who served as protector and collector of largesse for Democratic Governor Malanyaon from a nearby Gold rush Area. In Barangay Kasunugan the NPA (New People's Army) attacked 14 man Psychological warfare squad of the 67th Infantry battalion. 3 Soldiers immediately died and one followed. 

The NPA (New People's Army) Offensive also to give Justice for victims of Typhoon Pablo in which Democratic Governor Malanyaon neglected and squandered what should be the people's get. They destroyed the rice and Corn Farms of the people as they are suspecting they are giving food to the NPA (New People's Army). 

More People revolted against the Philippine Democratic Government especially to Democratic Governor Malanyaon. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Revenge is Sweet and Palparan's Killer Battalion in Central Luzon now under the command of the 10th Infantry Battalion suffers heavy losses and some severely wounded. The Units Encamped in a Barangay hall in San Fernando Bukidnon. 

14th of June 2015-Red Fighters of the South Bukidnon Regional Command had successfully overrun and captured Sitio Mahayag San Fernando Bukidnon. Thus successfully pushing out the Philippine Democratic Forces. The 69th Infantry Battalion encamped there before the overrun happened. 

13 Firearms was siezed consisting of 1 Minimi Light Machine Gun, 1 M203 Grenade Launcher, 5 M14 Rifles, 3 M16 Rifles, 2 .45 Caliber Guns, 1 .38 Pistol, and Military Paraphenalia. 69th Infantry Battalion was the unit responsible for the kilings of 3 Innocent Civilians and Wounding Others. 

They continued to Sow terror and trying to make an impression the Democratic Forces is winning the Civil War and at the same they are also paving way for the desturction of the Natural Resources.  

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

29th of May 2015-Ezekiel alyas Itsoy dies after resisting arrest from RCP-NPA (New People's Army). He was killed after trying to escape and resisiting arrest from the arresting RCP NPA. 

He was allegely involved on Extortion using the name of the NPA (New People's Army) and he is a carrying a .45 Calibre Gun and Ingram Submachine Gun threatening Civilians and getting money and valuables. The Roselyn Pelle Command (RCP) made the arrests. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Luis Jalandoni the Chairperson of NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippine) organized by Jose Maria Sison himself was threatened by the Philippine Democratic Officials. He had been threatened and Professor Jose Maria Sison insist stop threatening him. 

This is proving the attitude of the Philippine Democratic Government towards how they talk and negotiate. This is the best sample what a Brutus they are. He had negotiating with Gazmin, Democratic Secretary Roxas, and Democratic OPPAP Deles. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Coordinated Tactical Offensive on Sorsogon and Camarines Sur kills Dozens of Democratic Soldiers and seriously wounding several hundreds. The 9th Infantry Battalion suffered major loss of life in their Battalion as the offensive occured. 

On 30th of May 2015-The Celso Dominguez Command successfully launched and counter attacked the 31st Infantry Battalion in Sorsogon Killing Dozens of Democratic Soldiers. The Incident on Barangay Benquet Gubat Sorsogon. 

Private First Class Ardie Tunge 25 years of age. Private First Class Gerry Gorda who is already 9 years in the Democratic Forces are two of the said casualties in the 31st Infantry Battalion as they are deploying Peace and Development Team (PDT). It is nothing new that that 31st Infantry Battalion had been doing some PDT (Peace and Development Team) to cover up their abuses on the people in Gubatnon. 

On the 29th of May 2015-Nurben Gutra Command who is under Eduardo Olbara Command punished CAFGU Alan Madrilejo in Town of Lupi Camarines to death. He was punished for the crimes of Drug Syndicating and Asset for the Democratic Forces. 

CAFGU Rayno Merando was also punished to death by the NPA (New People's Army) in Barangay Pangauasan Limbanan, Camarines Sur for his counter revolution activities. He was also an Asset for the 42nd Infantry Battalion. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

The Chinese Families, and Chinese Business Organization Cancels Dinner Meeting and invitation of Business into the Philippines as Pinoy praises Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Bashed nonsensely Motherland China. 

Without taking into consideration about History who is the real culprit and the real bad guy the Philippine Democratic Government praises the wrong nation as Japan is also the country who killed and raped filipinos during World War II. 

These Actions Angered many Chinese and slammed a Fist on the face of the Philippine democratic Government as all Chinese Businessmen and Chinese Nationals are not present on the place where he held the event celebrating the 40th Friendship of the Chinese and Filipino. 

Even the Ambassador from China was absent and shamed the Philippine democratic Government. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Binays are one of the Political Families who refused and hits back on the Anti Political Dynasty Bill because they are one of the Political Clans who will be directly hit and extinguished by the Anti Political Dynasty Bill.  

The Binays are one of the prominent families who all the family members are in the Philippine Democratic Government. The Anti Political Dynasty Bill will also directly hit 99.9% of all Democratic Senators and Congressman as they are also one of the People whose family members are also all in the Philippine democratic Government. 

From the Democratic Senator Position to the lowest Barangay Captian.  This is one ofthe reasons why the Philippine Democratic Government wants the Anti Political Dynasty Bill junked because all of them will are directly hit by this Bill. 

This proves that the Philippine Democratic Government is indeed a feudalistic and Monarchial Government just hiding behind the name of Democracy.

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By: Comrade Huang Hai

Thousands of Japanese People marched against their own Government as Abe and his administration had been bringing Japan closer and closer into War. He had been reviving the Japanese Bushido and Japanese Imperial Aim. 

Mobilizing MIlitary Units that should not be and a violation of the treaty of unconditional Surrender signed by the Japanese Emperor and his government in World War II. That Japan is not allowed to have its own military forces and should not be allowed to send troops to other countries. 
United States had a part on this and playing blind on the Japanese Intervention on the Philippine Issues. Japanese People are also against US Bases and United States Government Forces presence in Japanese Soil. 

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By: Comrade Huang Hai

International Flights Stop flying over and to South Korea As MERS COV affects badly the American Puppet Government (The South Korean Government). South Koreans are also one of the most distant people and not allowed to come close to any Nationality. 

This is ordered by the United States Government as they are the one who used the South Koreans as their sacrificial lamb on their hidden Biological Warfare by releasing a strain of MERS COV which came from American Military Labroratories. 

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By: Comrade Huang Hai

MERS COV hits South Korea badly and thus affecting the entire South Korean Population. The Strain of Virus was already Identified by Chinese Medical Teams based on the 2 Infected in Hong Kong SAR. It was a strain Virus from the Americans who released it (Hidden Biological Warfare). 

A Hidden Biological Warfare was instigated by United States as it released a Strain of MERS COV which is coming from American Military Labroratories using their South Korean Puppets as their baits.
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Friday, 5 June 2015

By: Newton Herbeven

United States Economy continuous to go down and non stop as United States suffered another dwindling of the Economic Situation of United States. Military Spending overcedes the entire money supply of United States. 

United States Economy dies and continued to Dwindle as United States keeps on Upgrading its Military and borrowing money from World Bank. Its Military Expenditures causes bankrupcy over US Treasury Financial Capacity and makes United States Bankrupt. 
Everything United States spends on Military is owed from World Bank and previously from China. 

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By: Comrade Huang Hai

Legality of the New Zeleand Forestry Products is questioned by many countries around the world especially China as Natural Forests Depletion had been an issue around the World in an Alarming rate. 

Forests and Jungles around the world had been depleting in a fast rate and alarming all nations around the d World. New Zealand is one of the nations who have a fast depleting forests and Balding Mountains which it tops Brazil and South America. 

United States followed the Second on the fastest depletion of Forests and Jungle due to human Abuse. (From Mining Operations to Illegal Activities).

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By: Newton Herbeven

Scottish Economy sees possible Growth of 2 to 3% this year 2015 and remain positive thinking as Scottish Government Economists say. The Scottish Economy had been down for several minths now since the Economic Depression in EU (European Union). 

Scottish Economy had been down and depressed and had not yet been recovered since then since the Economic Crisis in EU (European Union) Started. 

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By: Comrade Huang Hai

China IT Smartphone Company Hua Wei offers to build Botsuana Youth Training Centre in Africa. The Training Centre is for the Botsuana Youth and will serve as a School.

Hua Wei would be building a Training Technical Centre in Africa and the main mission is to help the Botsuana Youths on building up their technical Skills. Cyril Xu the Communications Manager at Hua Wei Botswana said it will provided by the Company. 

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By: Comrade Huang Hai 

Free Trade Pact with South Korea was signed by the CPC (Communist Party of China) and the South Korean Government. South Korea had met with Chinese CPC (Communist Party of China) representative and leaders. 
South Korea imports at least 92% of the total importation from China in just 20 plus years of time. South Korea was one of the Countries who has the largest imports in Chinese Products.

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Sunday, 31 May 2015



I was reading a newspaper that morning when My Comrade Arrived in my place. My place is just a simple place where I relax and enjoy my days. He knocked on the door and showed me a file folder showing about Muslim Groups in the South. 

Iqbal is one of the Muslims whom we had contact with and he was with Comrade. Iqbal along with another muslim came to my place too. I offered them Tea which is Halal a respect to Muslim faith/ Iqbal told me about the signing of the deal with the Philippine Democratic Government. I read the deal between the Philippine Democratic Government and the MILF. 

I smiled and sarcastically commented,"I don't know if you just can't read, you have a hard time understanding or just plainly being paid by the Philippine Democratic Government to do this Stupid thing." I continued,"This Deal is crap."

Iqbal then said to me,"How could you say that?" My Comrade Answered,"However you may read it the main point here is that Bangsamoro written in this deal is like ARMM. Still a part of the Philippines." he continued,"What is Bangsamoro? An Independent Nation at the Coast of Western Mindanao and not an Autonomous Region like ARMM."

The Philippine democratic Government is just making a fool out of you we told and advised him. 

Where did you see a Soveriegn Nation Independent without its own armed forces, and own arms? This is a case of bad deal only a foolish idiot would sign. Iqbal then asked,"Are you a member of the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines)?" I answered him,"No, but we are a member of the Communist Party of China."

When it comes to politics, It is our forte and our expertise. I know when and where the Philippine Democratic Government or any United States Puppet would be doing. My Comrade (Who is a lawyer) then commented,"Mr Iqbal, heres what I can help you with." He Continued,"Those Philippine democratic Government are just a puppet for the Americans. If they say jump they jump; Since they want to play, Play with them."

I told him,"But do not sign the deal. Mr Iqbal" 

I shared him a few intelligence report I gathered from the Philippine Democratic Forces. I told Mr Iqbal there will be several squads of Democratic SAF (Special Action Force) reinforced by Philippine Democratic Forces Soldiers who will be entering Bangsamoro. I also told him you must neutralize them or else they will be a threat to you or anyone in their muslim Community. 

That fool indeed Signed the Deal but however the other Muslim Fighters of Bangsamoro didn't follow Iqbal and instead listened to our advise. They indeed neutralized the enemy Targets from the Philippine Democratic Government. Forcing the Philippine Democratic Government to retreat and do nothing. 

The Intelligence Information I shared with the Muslim MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) is accurate and indeed without a doubt 100%. At least the MILF Listened and for the Fool Mr Iqbal he always come to us but he never listened to us. Let him be the fool who always bites his own fingers.  

Saturday, 23 May 2015


By: Comrade Mark Cua

2. The Finance(Hacienda) System

The Spanish colonialists DECIDED to intensify feudal exploitation of the people When the galleon trade was Already on the decline During the Latter Part of the 18th Century. The galleon trade HAD Been the main source of income for the administration center in Manila. With This source of income yielding less and less as a result of international Developments Caused Primarily by the pressures of capitalism, the colonial Authorities turned to large-scale cultivation of commercial crops for export. œEconomie reformsâ â € € ?? Were ADOPTED ostensibly to make the Philippines â € € ?? œself-sufficientâ, That is to say, allow the colonialists To have an alternative source of income.

The Economic Society of Friends of the Country was founded by the Spanish Governor-General in 1871 to Certain Encourage the planting of commercial crops for export. The Royal Company of Spain was subsequently enfranchised to monopolize trade in These agricultural crops. The cultivation of tobacco, indigo, sugar, abaca and other crops was imposed. Spain was trying to adjust to the pressures of capitalism, capitalism Especially British and French capitalism, During the late part of the 18th century and the early part of the l9th century. Before the Formal opening of the ports of Manila to non-Spanish ships, These HAD Already started to call on Manila During the Latter Part of the 18th century.

The large-scale cultivation of commercial crops That started the hacienda system still exists today. This Resulted in the more vicious exploitation of the Filipino people. The colonial government Dictated confiscatory prices for the commercial crops. Also, the People Who planted crops These HAD to get Their staple food, rice or corn, from other areas. THUS, specialization in agriculture and commodity production was Introduced Began to disturb the naturally Obtaining economy in a feudal society.

While the Spanish colonialists, Particularly the friars, intensified Their feudal exploitation of the people, 51 non-Spanish foreign shipping and commercial houses Became established in Manila in the middle part of the l9th century. Twelve of These Were American and non-Spanish European houses Which virtually monopolized the import-export trade. These would subsequently open branches at different points in the archipelago: such as Sual, Cebu, Zamboanga, Legaspi and Tacloban Where Were ports opened to foreign trade.

The financial operations of These foreign establishments Strengthened the production of export crops. The overall value of agricultural exports rose from P500,000 in 1810 to P108 million in 1870. This rose even more Rapidly towards the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution of 1898. The cultivation of abaca and sugar crops was Encouraged and These Became the main exports of the country. In the mid-19th century, the level of sugar production was 3,000 picu1s and four Decades later it piculs Reached 2,000,000. American refineries (controlled by the mammoth American Sugar Refining Company) Were specially interested in sugar So THAT in 1885, They Were Already getting two-Thirds of esta crop or 225,000 short tons. In 1898, the American consul in Manila Could boast That the value of trade under His supervision equaled That of 21 competitors combined.

The acceleration of foreign trade in agricultural crops Resulted in the acceleration of domestic trade. The mercantile bourgeoisie Local Significantly more Emerged in domestic trade. NEVERTHELESS, it found economic STI STI Opportunities Limited to investing profits in the acquisition of lands or in the leasing of friar estates. Part of Its profits Went into more university students supporting WHO Studied locally or abroad. THUS, the mercantile bourgeoisie served as the social base of the native intelligentsia.

When the United States ITS imperialist greed Seized in the Philippines for itself, it was very conscious of the necessity of retaining feudalism itself so as to Provide Such Continuously With raw materials as sugar, hemp, coconut and other agricultural products. In using counterrevolutionary dual tactics to deceive the enlightened leadership of the Philippine Revolution, it was aware of the landlord and mercantile character of the right wing of Such a leadership and Moved to assimilate ITS interests. It ADOPTED the tactics to isolate the left wing Represented by Mabini Which was ideologically closer to the revolutionary peasant masses and Which Advocated the restitution to the people of the lands taken away from them by the Spanish colonial government and the friars.

US imperialism, THEREFORE, did not hesitate to guarantee in the Treaty of Paris of 1898 the property rights of the landlord class under the Spanish colonial regime and even returned to the MOST despotic landlords Spanish ecclesiastical and lay the lands That HAD Been Confiscated from them by the revolutionary masses. The continuance of feudal rights assured the US colonial government of political support by the betrayers of the revolution and of continued supply of raw materials for US industries. The Payne-Aldrich Act of 1909 ADMITTED Philippine products, chiefly agricultural, duty-free into the United States. In 1910, the US imperialists sugar mill set-up to act as a signal for the type of investments They Were MOST interested in making. In 1913, the Underwood Tariff Act removed all quota limitations on Philippine agricultural products exported to the United States. All These steps sirigle Had the effect of tying down the Philippines to a colonial and agrarian economy highly dependent on a few export crops. During the First Three Decades of US imperialist rule, agricultural production for export was Rapidly expanded more than ever before. By 1932, more than 99 per cent of sugar exports was going to the United States.

By conquering the Philippines, US imperialism was reliable to create the conditions Which it was less in a position to create through sheer commercial operations by STI financing export-import and shipping firms under the Spanish colonial rule. It semifeudalism enhanced further in the countryside by encouraging capitalist farming, corporate ownership of land and merchant usury. It put up sugar mills, abaca and coconut mills mills under corporate ownership and around Which the landlords Were organized. Aside from Which Were These Measures Directly effected in the countryside, US imperialism dumped finished products in order to tie down the economy to the production of a few export crops and to the commodity market.

The pattern of the economy and of agricultural production Encouraged by US imperialism ITS During colonial rule have direct Remained Basically unchanged. As of 1957, large-scale cultivation of export crops prevailed over About 20 per cent (1.5 million hectares) of the total agricultural land. Land devoted to food crops Comprised About 80 percent (5.5 million hectares). As of 1970, DESPITE conspicuous in the sixties Attempts to expand it, large-scale cultivation of export crops prevailed over About 28 per cent (2.5 million hectares) of the total agricultural land. Land devoted to food crops Comprised About 72 per cent (6.4 million hectares). Capitalist methods of exploitation are strikingly evident in lands Where export crops are cultivated, except in some few areas mechanization Where Has Been Introduced by the landlords.

Not all bankrupt owner-tenant-Peasants Peasants and displaced from lands converted into capitalist farms can be accomodated as industry workers in the areas or as a regular farm workers. The enterprises set-up by the US monopolies and national capitalists are Insufficient to absorb them. Because of extremely limited Opportunities in industry and agriculture, there is excessive competition for few jobs Which industrial press down wage conditions as well as overcrowding on land.


By: Comrade Mark Cua

II. Feudalism
1. The Meaning of Feudalism

On reaching the stage of imperialism, capitalism as a world historical phenomenon has Become moribund, parasitic and decadent. US imperialism exports to STI STI Capital surplus semicolonies colonies and not to raise the economy of These to the level of capitalist development but Merely to extract superprofits by exploiting the local cheap labor and cheap raw materials drawing out. Only very limited extent to some US enterprises will be set-up to process on the spot Certain raw materials available locally. The extent and quality of US monopoly equity injected into the Philippine economy since the beginning of the 20th century Merely Have Caused the subordination of domestic feudalism to US imperialism. It is in the nature of US imperialism to cause uneven and spasmodic development, to Maintain a few cities ruled by the purchaser class and preserve a vast countryside ruled by the landlord class.

Feudalism still Persists in the Philippines, Although US imperialism has Introduced a certain degree of capitalist development. US monopoly capital city has Assimilated the seed of capitalism That Is Within the womb of domestic feudalism but at the same time it has prevented us the full growth of esta seed into a national capitalism. The persistence of feudalism and the growth of a limited degree of capitalism can only be Understood by delving into history. Feudalism is a mode of production in Which the main forces of production are the Peasants and Which They till the land and the relations of production are Basically Characterized by landlord oppression and exploitation of the peasantry. The most immediate manifestation of feudalism is the possession of vast areas of arable land by a few landlords WHO Themselves do not till the land and WHO compel a big number of tenants to do the tilling. Relations Between the parasitic feudal landlord class and the peasantry productive Essentially Involve the extortion of exorbitant land rent in cash or kind from the Latter by the former. Such basic tenant-relations Peasants leave the impoverished as their share of the crop is just enough or even Often Inadequate for Their subsistence. They are further subjected to feudal Such practices as usury, compulsory menial service and various forms of tribute. The old landlord class Essentially Which Utilizes rent land for private pleasure and luxury STI is Satisfied with the backward method of agriculture Because it gets more than enough for STI needs from the sheer exertion of physical work With a simple agricultural implements by a big mass of tenants. On the other hand, the WHO has only tenant His Own Assigned plot to till is further impoverished by the low level of technology.

It was not the first Spanish colonialists WHO laid the foundation of feudalism in the country. The sultanates of Mindanao, Especially Those of Sulu and Maguindanao, Preceded by the Spanish conquerors At least a century in doing so. These Were the first to create a feudal mode of production producing an agricultural surplus to support a landed nobility of substantial membership, fighters, religious teachers and traders. The growth of feudalism under the Islarnic faith was stimulated by the brisk trade That was centered in Sulu. Later on, the feudal society Became determined to further consolidated by ITS resistance to Spanish colonialism. Representing a higher form of social organization than That Which Obtained in other parts of the archipelago, the sultanates of Mindanao Could more Effectively resist the Spanish colonialists Represent Who Did not any higher form of social organization and Who Were Easily Identified as an external enemy due to the long-standing conflict of Islam and Christianity then.

It was Spanish colonialism, however, Which Compelled the institution of feudalism on the widest scale in the archipelago. Under ITS administration, it developed the feudal mode of production to the fullest extent. In Their rule of more than three centuries, colonial Authorities Took the two major steps to entrench feudalism in the Philippines. These Were 1) the assignment of parcels as a royal grant, a reward for service or loyalty to the Spanish crown and 2) the compulsory cultivation of crops for export Certain starting During the Latter Part of the 18th century.

The parcel was a royal grant to religious orders, charitable Institutions and Individuals. It encompassed a large area and several barangays Brought together into one economic and administrative unit. The chiefs of barangays Were converted to Become the chief running dogs in every locality in Their capacity as tribute collectors, enforcers of corvee labor and main Devotees of the alien faith. The essential purpose of the assignment, indeed was to Facilitate the collection of tribute in cash or agricultural commodity, the enforcement of corvee labor and the indoctrination of the people in Such a feudal ideology as Roman Catholicism. The colonialists used Christianity to foster docility and servility.

A surplus in agricultural production was created but only to support and feed the Spanish Administrators, clergy, soldiery and the Indigenous nobility. The tribute was Collected as a Means of supporting the foreign rulers, Especially for providing them with food and luxuries. Corvee labor was employed to expand the agricultural fields, build government and church buildings and Improve Communications Between the villages and the town settlement Where the set-up curate His quarters.

Within the parcel, Spanish laws on private property in land Began to be applied arbitrarily By Both the clergy and lay trustees. Communalism was abolished in fully colonized areas. The Spanish encomenderos Claimed vast tracts of land as Their private property. Also the Indigenous nobility was allowed to lay claims on private agricultural lands and at the same time it was cajoled into making direct donations of land to the Catholic Church. In cases Where the people resisted, the colonialists cruelly Grabbed the lands from them by force of arms. All Conquered lands Were Considered property of the royal crown, subject to arbitrary colonial disposal by the Authorities. Systematically corvee labor was used to clear new lands or in cases Where the people on Their Own volition would create new agricultural fields for Their own needs, They would only be subsequently These Told That did not belong to them but to the royal crown or to some encomendero Who Had Gained title over these.

When the friars later Advocated the abolition of the encomienda system, it was not really With the view of having feudal abuses eliminated. Their intention was mainly to demand the application of Spanish laws Rigorous Within a more orderly administrative system So THAT clerical and lay landlords would not collide Too Often With Each Other In Their common landgrabbing activities. Friar entrusted criticism of the system Merely led to the creation of provinces under the Central administration of Manila. The system entrusts HAD Already taken deep roots. The religious orders HAD Already accumulated vast lands.

Either Spanish lay trustees chose to stay in the archipelago to breed successive generations of island and mestizos or to sell out to other merchants and landlords, bring gold back to Spain and Retain Their status as peninsular. The native landlords HAD Their Own Within the landowning class stratum. Some of them Became only landlords at the expense of fellow Indians Who Were Their dispossessed through sheer landgrabbing Who Fell into bankruptcy or through the due Processes of feudalism. 

By: Comrade Mark Cua

6 Democratic Forces Soldiers dies from an counter attack in Quezon Province. 21st Division Recconaissance Command was counter attacked as they are trying to retake the lost towns who revolted against the Philippine Democratic Government. 

The encounter happened in barangay Lalim, General Nakar, Quezon. The first encounter errupted on the 28th of April 2015 and the second encounter around 10 am a running battle. There had been a month long operations done for the dam Project in General Nakar in Quezon initiated by Democratic President Aquino. 

The Dumagat and Remontado Tribes or Ethnic Group had been displaced by the Philippine Democratic Government. The Dam Project would bring destruction to the ancestral lands and to nature. The Dumagat and Remontado Tribe joined and helped the NPA ((New people's Army) fight off the Philippine democratic Government. 

The Project will only bring profits to foreign and local Capitalists on the destruction of the environment and displacement of the Ethnic Groups. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

The 1st Red Bagani Battalion has successfully killed several dozens of soldiers in Calinan Davao. The Soldiers died on the tactical offensive and forcing them to move back from the revolutionary towns which revolted against the Philippine democratic Government.

The Oversized Platoon which is the combination of 69th Infantry Battalion, 84th Infantry Battalion, 71st Infantry Battalion, and the 10th Infantry battalion has dozens of Casualties. In which 12 immediately died from the Tactical Offensive. 

The incident happened in Barangay Dalgdag Calinan on the 6th of May 2015. The Gunfight happened for 2 hours and confiscated hundreds of guns from the Democratic Forces. M203 Grenade, Automatic Rifles, M16 Rifles, 600 pieces of M60 Amunitons, 200 pieces of K3 Ammunitons, 8 pieces of Army pack, Several Pairs of Army boots, 34 pieces of magazines, 10 pieces of Military Vests, various classified maps and documents, android tablet and cellphones. 

It is comprised of 15 columns of Democratic Forces Soldiers. 

The soldiers are involved on various landgrabbing from the Filipino Ethnic Groups, the acceptance of bribes in exchange for service to mining companies and logging companies, counter revolutionary activities. 

Rodrigo Duterte tried to talk out but ending the armed conflicts is not possible only by driving and toppling the Philippine democratic Government out of the Philippine by force is the only way to win the war for the liberation of the people and the Philippines from oppession and abuse of the Philippine Democratic Government. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Democratic AMLC (Anti Money Laundering Commission) said they have froze 242 Binays Accounts and what weird is that there is no reaction from Binays. The Binays had neither reaction or comments which can be a lie from the Philippine Democratic Government. 

The Binays had at least 11 Billion Pesos of Stolen Wealth from the Filipino People and it is found on the numerous Bank accounts of the Binays. Some had been tracked with moeny movement 50 Million each movement. 

Whats more is that where did get the money to post an add on television if all his accounts had been frozen. Who is the woman in the Political ad and how much did the binays pay her to lie in front of the Filipino People. That is the question. 

This inlcudes those of Mercados and other involved in the Ill gotten Wealth in Makati and others. The Accounts include those of Elenora Binay, Nancy Binay, Junjun Binay and many others involved. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Thousands of Filipinos Students marched and protested against the Philippine Democratic Department of Education and Higher Education over nonstop increase in Tuition Fees. This includes exclusive Schools public and Private. 

Getting more upset with the Philippine Democratic Government and thus with the Capitalist System of running the education system in the Philippines. Thousands of Filipino Students marched and threw paints on Philippine democratic Department of Education and Higher Education. 

Increasing the number of revolts against the Philippine Democratic Government for allowing Capitalist Schools to take advantage of the System and increase Tuition Fees. Students and parents also wants to remove K12 System becomes it is an additional expense in the pockets of the both. 

The Non Stop increase is causing a lot of drop\outs from Filipino Youths and unable to bear the expenses of education and thus becoming a capitalist business profit instead of becoming a right. 
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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Antonio Tiu however Denial he has no one believes him that he is not Binays' Sacrificial Lamb. Even his entire family had been affected and fired by the Philippine democratic Government over a Zarzuela Play. 

Although obviously guilty of becoming a Sacrificial lamb for the Binays and he is also the target of a zarzuela play staged by the Philippine Democratic Government. He was even denied by Binay although obviuosly they are previously in cahoots. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

US Issues Travel Advisories to travel to the Philippines due to extending hostilites to American Citizens all over the World in retaliation for the abusive and disrespect for sovereignity of the American Government. 

There had been several dead americans mysteriously died in the Philippine and many of them are shot or killed somewhere. 

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Saturday, 16 May 2015


By: Comrade Mark Cua

United States is once again getting more and more active and they are cooking something that China must be very careful of. They have been manipulating the Puppet nations like South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. We all know what kind of Attitude United States have and these puppet nations have. 

This is also a report and intelligence Gathering for Beijing. 

The Military Activeness of United States in Asia
One of the main reasons why United States is wanting to make a restless fool out of these Japanese, Philippine and South Korean Nation is that he wants to create chaos. From Chaos United States had been trying to cook for an opportunity to get in. China must be very wary of this. 
United States is not to be underestimated when it comes to bloody Pivot Games. 

They are not to be trusted and always have daggers behind their backs holding it like Brutus. United States is not doing this for the sake of the Puppet Nations but solely and mainly for the interests of the American Government. 

They had been testing our motherland's Patience by doing some small actions that is considered violating the Sovereignity of our motherland.  I do trust Beijing knows about this and how to counter it. 

The Naval Exercises between Japan and Philippines

The Philippines moved to this pace is due to the request of United States. Philippines will never had this initiative of their own and there is always United States behind the Curtain so is Japan. The Military Exercises of Navy in the waters are not mere exercises. These have messages from United States. 

Japan is not in the Philippines for no reason at all. They know they are check mate in Diao Yu Dao Island so they are looking for ways to attract and shift the attention of China. Japan is not stupid at all they will do everything to get what they want to happen along with United States. Sooner or later when all else fails, they will abandon Philippines and get their advantage. 

I know Japanese People and Americans more as an Intelligence Officer. 

The Philippine democratic Government is going crazy shouting this and that for no reason at all. There is someone behind the curtain whispering these crazy words. It is United States. United States will stop at nothing and even will do everything including cheating just to purge their political enemies. This does not exclude China and Russia.