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For the Filipino People, For the New Philippines

For the Filipino People, For the New Philippines

Saturday, 19 July 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

The so called Surrender of 54 members of the BHB (Bagong Hukbong Bayan) or NPA (New People's Army) are fake NPAs (New People's Army). It was just a small hoax made by the 4th Infantry Division to show to the media. 

The said actors acting as fake NPAs (New People's Army) ceremony was held in 9th of Jult 2014 on Kaamulan Folk Arts theatre, Malaybalay Bukidnon. This is a small hoax by gathering civilians and soldiers impersonating NPA (New People's Army) surrendering spearheaded by Major General Ricardo Visaya. 

The Real identities of the fake Surrender of 54 members are common farmers, and lumads from Cabanglasan Bukidnon, Loreto Agusan Del Sur. Edgar Kasalgayo the Criminal and the drug pusher became the agent of the Democratic Military Forces to give them P50,000 (fifty thousand pesos) to each out of poverty. 

The purpose actors staging as  members surrendering was to fool the Filipino people about their (Democratic Forces) lies of  the weakening of the revolution and the victory of the Military to suppress the revolution. Major General Visaya corrupted the funds instead of giving P50,000 (fifty thousand) to the fake members to act as surrendering members instead just gave them P2,000 (two thousand) to P17,000 (Seventeen Thousand). The rest of the money went to pocket of Major General Visaya and his officers. The Total spending of the Philippine Democratic Government here was P2.6 Million. 

But the total money released was P10 Million from the people's money. This stage play has no effect on the revolution and only angered more Filipinos to join the Revolution.

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

A Unit of the NPA-WANAS (New People's Army- Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Del Sur) raided the house of a Retired PNP (Philippine National Police) Colonel. He had  a son serving in the US Military. 

Retired Colonel Leon Vlajar lived in Barangay San Vicente, Butuan City and it was raided by the NPA (New People's Army) for crimes against the people. It happened around 26th of June 2014 on 9 am in the morning. When the raid was made, he was not around the house but still a target of the NPA (New People's Army).

The NPA (New People's Army) siezed .45 Caliber Pistol, 10 Rifle Grenades, AK 47 Ammunitions, Ammunition Link to M60 Machine Gun, and a box of TNT for making explosives. The Crimes of Retired Democratic Police Officer Leon Vlajar are being a bandit leader victimizing and organizing criminal rings, raping 3 of his lady helpers (2 of them still not found until today). 

He is currently working for the Democratic NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). 

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Friday, 18 July 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

PNP (Philippine National Police) Staion in Alegria Surigao Del Norte was raided confiscating armaments and getting 4 POW (Prisoners of War). 

PO2 Romero Dagsa and PO2 Reuben Salino was severly wounded on the attack. 2 Red Revolutionaries died in the said attack. 7 M16 Rifle, Many Handguns and Live ammunitions were confisacted by the NPA (New People's Army). The Police Station in Alegria is not innocent on Illegal Drugs, Bribery, Violent and Brutal Mercenery against the NPA (New People's Army). 

PO3 Vic Calubag Concon, P01 Rey Morales, P01 Joen Zabala, and PO1 Edito Roquino was now held as POW (Prisoners of War) as Philippines is under the state of Civil War between the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) and the Philippine Democratic Government. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

The NPA-SCB (Sub Regional Command) successfully raided the compound of Del Monte Philippines in Bukidnon. 15th of July 2014, Sitio Kiantig Barangay San Jose, Quezon Bukidnon seizing 17 firearms. 

The NPA (New People's Army) Confiscated 10 high powered rifles, 6 M16s, 3 Carbines, and 1 Garand Rifle. There is also 6 Shotguns, 1 Pistol, 1 High Frequency Radio, and some live ammunitions are also confiscated. 

Riding a ten wheeler truck despite its closeness to the 23rd Infantry battalion and the Command Posts of 1st Special Forces, Red Revolutionaries raided Del Monte Philippines. The Democratic Forces and Police failed to respond quickly on the surprise raid. 

Rey Balon and Reynold Pangkat the two security guards was killed during the firefight. The NPA (New People Army) intend not to hurt the security guards and just want to punish Capitalist Companies like Del Monte. Del Monte Philippines is punished for Criminal Charges. Poling Lorenzo an outgrower in Del Monte was a land grabber and using his security guards threatening the people and claimants of land. Even Nuns, Students, and Supporters of the People had a taste of Guards brutality. 

Chemicals from Del Monte poisoned Luwan Luwan Spring where the towns fresh water came from. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

NPA (New People's Army) in NEMR (North Eastern Mindanao Region) attacked 3 private armies belonging to the prominent Political Dynasties in Mindanao killing scores of armed private armies last 15th of July 2014. 

This is to stop Anti People Crimes and criminalities. Many of these Private Armies are bandit groups victimizing people and stealing peoples things through holdups, robbery, and armed theft. The first group was of Calpet Egua was in Sta Irene, Prosperidad Agusan Del Sur. Second Group was Sitio Inagawan, La Purisima, Prosperidad in Agusan Del Sur. Third is an actual Bandit Group Bitan Agan, San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur. 

Calpet's Private Army formed with the support and help of the Democratic Forces, PNP (Philippine National Police), and LGUs (Local Government Units). Calpet rose to power as a warlord and grabbed lands from his fellow Lumads and sell it to Mining Companies often times he used his own mining company to operate on it. 

5.50 am NPA (New People's Army) raided Calpets Compound which is also base in his private Army. 10 revolutionaries killed and some wounded while 4 died on the faction Calpet including Calpet's brother. A Civilian Driver was also killed. 

Another Red Revolutionary also died for the revolution when Democratic forces attacked NPA (New people Army) Position in Barangay Hamugaway, Bayugan City.   During the same time in 15th of July 2014, Raided another private army base of Calpet's Lumad Small Army and confiscated 7 M16s, 1 M14 Rifle, and 2 Handguns. While fleeing, one gun downed one Red Revolutionary. 

On the same day, the actual Bandit Group headed by Renato Villaverde who with his group is known for Robbery, Gun for hire, Illegal Drugs, and other criminal acts was attacked. killing the leader himself Renato Villaverde. Confiscating from him 1 Carbine, 1 .45 Calibre Pistol, and 1 9mm KG Pistol. The Bandit Group was also known to be involved notorious robberies on highways and towns. 

14 Revolutionaries gave their life for the revolution for the Filipino People and the Future of the New Philippines. Private Armies became a threat to the Interests of the Working Class and the Masses. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

NPA (New People's Army) punished and raided 2 BULIF (Bungkatol Liberation Front) Members in Butuan City last 13th of July 2014.  They were killed and executed summary by the revolutionary movement of the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines). 

Loloy Odioma and Eddie Cagat were killed and gave the Filipino People Justice they deserved. Loloy Odioma is a resident of Stanpoler, Barangay de Bugabos Butuan City was a land grabber, drug smuggler, and involved 2 murders. His Cohort Datu Bawang the leader of BULIF (Bungkatol Liberation Front) without any hesitation grabbed the land of 3 families, deprived them of proper decent livelihood. He also killed 2 Civilians. One of which is a 7 years child in Kilometer 1, Barangay Tungao, Butuan City. 

Well aware of the Counter revolutionary activities of Datu Bawang, Loloy Odioma allied with him and BULIF (Bungkatol Liberation Front) against NPA (New People's Army) and Revolting People. At the plea of the Filipino People who revolted, and investigation of the representatives of the revolutionary movement, NPA (New People's Army) team killed Loloy Odioma. 

Eddie Cagat a resident of Tul od, Barangay Tungao also commited great crimes to the Filipino people and the revolutionary movement. Aside from being an active Paramilitary BULIF, he organize criminal elements to counter the revolution and grabs land from 3 families. Cagat was a purok Leader in thier Barangay because of their fear in him. He also spearheaded a raid against the NPA (New People's Army) which caused the death of one Red Revolutionary. 

Around 5 pm in 13th of July 2014, He was killed too. 

There are many more like Loloy Odioma and Eddie Cagat who committed great crimes to the Filipino People and helping the Philippine democratic Government cover up stealing of people's money and heeding Justice to the People. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Indeed a harsh reality how much hopeless is the Philippines under the Philippine Democratic Government. There is no future for all us, the breed of persons are not qualified to become good and responsible citizens, and the officials are not even qualified. Some even came from Showbizness which is exactly different from running a country. 

The Forsaken Promise Land is indeed the Philippines. 

Is this the type of Government which Emilio Aguinaldo wants to have for the country such a shameless and brutal reality slammed into the country. The Government Officials are as thick face as the walls of Intramuros, and any Spanish Colonial Fort, they even had the balls to lie to the Filipino People, those who should uphold justice are biased and unfair. They give special treatment and give absolution to the guilty ones like those involve on stealing the peoples money. 

A country run like this it had no future and it is giving every filipino endless nightmares every night. 

So many people had already joined the revolution and wants to topple down the Philippine Democratic Government. Many of them are Working Class and those who are young people who wants to see a bright Philippines. Religious Organizations such as Born Again Christians turn to bribery in exchange for votes for the unqualified politicians who came to the position with one aim earn and get the peoples money. Get away with it. 
If there is really justice in the Philippine Democratic System trust me none of the Philippine Democratic Government will be left on office except for Mr Duterte in Davao. All the officials are either guilty of stealing the peoples money or establishing political dynasties to get more greed.


By: Comrade Mark Cua

Well...well...well... Look Who is talking Captain America is playing Saint but its hands is full of war crimes and the blood of People they want to exterminate. I heard US Government said Russia is moving into nations to move against United States. They are even pointing their fingers at my motherland (China). 

This is called A thief calling for thief. 

Isn't United States did the same when it bombarded Iraq and got rid of its Political Saddam Hussein? Didn't it pull NATO and EU into its own war nd its own policies? Isn't United States is doing those shameless acts behind the curtain spanking the butts of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan Province, Philippines, Australia to fight China? 

You are pointing your finger at Russia well I do have to say it is very hypocrtical indeed. 

United States itself had been doing this why doesn't it point its fingers at its own. Looks like Captain America here is playing God and Sinners without noticing The American Government itself is one big Satan. How about the war crimes it (US) committed? Did UN Say something about it I guess not at all not even a word even during the 1980s and 1990s. 

Come on 'Uncle Sam' always remember when you point that one finger to anyone always see that the other four fingers are pointed back at you. So don't give us that crap and you are no longer credible. The world knows how much a Bastard and hypcrite it (US) is.  
By: Comrade Slovak Respovik

1 MIG-25 Belonging to the Western Democratic Ukrainian Government was shot down by pro Russian Forces killing 1 Pilot  and the other pilot escaped through parachute. The Plane crashed on the frontlines between Eastern Front and the Western Ukraine. 

The Western Ukrainian Government was surprised that the Pro Russian Forces shot down more than 10% of its Air force planes and choppers, destroyed 15% of the total armoury of Western Ukrainian Army, killing thousands of Western Ukrainian Soldiers. 

5 Giant Transport planes from US imported into Western Ukraine was also shot down by the Pro Russian Forces. 

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By: Comrade Slovak Respovik

3 American Citizens who hated the American Government send Computer Virus into Obama's computer and got arrested by American Agents from the FBI (Federal Bereau of Investigation). He was immediately thrown in Jail. 

He was immediately sentenced to 18 years in prison and had USD360,000 (Three hundred sixty thousand) of bail is need for compensation. Obama's Computer went down along with some of his Cabinet members. The 3 boys are computer experts and made it especially against the US Government. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Western Ukrainian Government shoots down commerical flight Malaysian Airlines with the direct command of United States. United States government behind the curtain staged the shooting down to find holes to intervene militarily and with other Agenda into Western Ukraine. 

Western Ukrainian Government is to blame on the blown out MH17 Malaysian Airlines flight. They thought it was a plane from Russia so they fired their missile. Then tried to push the blame on the Eastern Pro Russian Forces. 

No passengers survived all 295 dead upon explosion of the Missile in Eastern Baltic Russia formerly Ukrainian Territory. United States is once again using the blame game Strategy by launching its own missile in Western Ukraine thus shooting down causing 295 deaths. 

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

Typhoon that flagged the Philippines 2 days before had been spotted moving towards Southern China through the South China Sea. The Typhoon has the Gustly wind of 189 kilometres per hour and 25 kilometers speed. 

It is getting larger as it gets more water and condensation in South China Sea. The Chinese Government is already preparing for its arrival. The route will hit Southern China, Vietnam, and Others. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Bus Explosion kills 2 and hurts 29 others inside and near the bus. The Explosion occured yesterday in Guangzhou thus causing the police to detain a suspect immediately. 

The Armed Police arrested a suspect within the day after the investigation, the evidences, and others thus proving the fast and effective justice system in China. 

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By: Comrade Slovak Respovik

Putin and Xi Jin Ping met in Brasil Brics 2014 as the leader of the two great nations have met and talked about further improvement on ties between China and Russia. The long term friendship of Russia and China is long way back fighting American Imperialism during the early 20th Century. 

Putin said Russia indeed had a great relationship China and as Xi Jin Ping said more Chinese Russian Trade will happen in the coming years. 
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By: Comrade Slovak Respovik

Germany got the world Cup Trophy and first place in the World Cup 2014. While after Argentina was defeated, fans and supporters of the Argentina team rioted and violently threw at Brazilian Police and burned police cars. 

Chancellor Merkel Celebrated with the German Team in Brazil after the victory and took pictures with the victorious team. 

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By: Comrade Slovak Respovik

More than 160 Palestinians are killed by Israeli Air Strikes in Palestine and 100 Isreali Civilians are killed by Hamas Hezbollah in Israeli. The Situation is worsening in the middle east as Tension was set off by the Israeli Military. 

Israeli Air strikes including Night time attacks have been becoming intense as Clashes between Isreali Jewish and Muslims kills each other in the middle east. 
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

Chinese Population in Billions have focused their living and daily toils along the Yellow River, Yellow Sea, South China Sea, and cities near eastern shores. Only 20% of the Total Population in China lived in Western China. 

Based on the CPC (Communist Party of China), Only 20% of the total Chinese Population lived in Western China compare to the 80% of the total population living on eastern shores near bodies of water like Huang River, Long River, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea. 

The Center of Population density was Guangzhou, Beijing, Tian Jin, Fuzhou, and other places near bodies of water.

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

CPC (Communist Party of China) made another achievement by improving the life of the Chinese living in Sichuan Province and its Trade and Economy. After the Sichuan Earth Quake, CPC (Communist Party of China) made sure the people enjoy the wealth and an improving income. 

From a 135 yuan per pax before the Sichuan Earth Quake to a person in Sichuan is earning at 500 to 1000 Ren Min Bi Per month. The Big Increase in personal income of per individual in Sichuan Province was another acheivement by the CPC (Communist party of China). 
One of the main Industries highly improved and made by the CPC (Communist Party of China) for Sichuan was the Tourism Industry. It is booming and every year there are at least 15 million people visiting it. 

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By: Newton Herbeven

Canadian Unemployment rate was higher by 7.1% by imposing economic Sanctions on Russia. As the world knows Russia was suppported by China the one who dictates World Economy and Canada lost its primary exports because Russia is one of the major trading exports of Canada since 1980s. 

Based on Nathan Cullen, in 2010, There are at least 500,000 (five hundred thousand) people are unemployed in eastern Canada alone. Joe Oliver Canada's  Ministry of Finance said by 2014 after imposing economic sanctions to Russia, Canada suffered at least 20 million people unemployed. The Span of 4 years of siding with EU (European Union) and US took a death hit on Canada's Economy.

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

After Losing money in the US Stock market despite the warning given to him by fellow businessmen, Alibaba is looking for 11 more incorporators to contribute in their finances. Alibaba will make 2 Financiers as head of the 11 incorporators. 

Alibaba is one of China's leading online shop that sells stuff International Scale. But they heed the warning of some fellow businessmen invested in US Stock market and lost some money. Now planning to take it back by having more incorporators. 

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Friday, 11 July 2014


By: Comrade Mark Cua

Disciplinary Actions (Communist Party of the Philippines)

1. The following serious violations of this rule will be the implementation of competent disciplinary action:

a. The denial to married status will be the implementation of disciplinary action demotion in office.
b. Serious threats and intimidation in courtship will be the implementation of disciplinary action from the minimum suspension of Party membership to a maximum of expulsion.

c. The use of violence in courtship implementation of  disciplinary action from the minimum suspension of Party membership to the deposition.

d. The commitment of the position, use the position and pretending that high position, to Smile In the nililigawan is magagawaran of disciplinary action from the minimum demotion in office until a year moratorium on membership in the Party.

e. The courtship with wife or girlfriend who is will be the implementation of  warning of disciplinary action and preaching.

f. The case of courtship without permission when no more status or courting the implementation and yield of major security problems and political action implementation of disciplinary warning and preaching. The courtship without permission when in courting and nililigawan status is not conferred disciplinary action, although criticized.

g. Adultery or girlfriend is more Implementation of disciplinary action from the minimum demotion office, transferring the work to a maximum of suspension membership in the Party.

h. The serious violations such as pitch marriage infidelity, duplicity wife, cruelty or attempts on the lives of husband disciplinary action implementation of  the minimum suspension from membership in the Party until the deposition.

2. In these cases there is no specific fixed the suspension of Party membership, solely the responsibility of the appropriate setting committee review in accordance with the weight of the finished violations.

3. In the criminal case with character and with sufficient basis to accuse in court the people's court, making sure manifest the competent disciplinary action by the Party and the Party courtship status before formally filed a criminal case in court.

4. The competent disciplinary action in particular cases is determined by the corresponding committee in accordance with the overall process defined in the Constitution Party.

5. Should ensure thorough examination of the case and weighing the mitigating weight that circumstancial case.

6. In other cases in violation of the terms of marriage within the Party not covered by the alignment here, solely the responsibility of the respective committees dealing with mgaito. Requested to report them to the standards documented and comprehensive guide to applying disciplinary action.

By: Comrade Mark Cua

Divorce (Communist Party of the Philippines)

1. Because the first is demanding serious thought and preparation to marriage, trying to prevent the Party turning to divorce in solving the problems of marriage. 

2. Granted the divorce one wife if found fluid prevents his revolutionary activities or become traitors or rabid counterrevolutionary another. 

3. Granted a divorce when one asks to marry and there is evidence that the husband had wanted diborsyohin case of infidelity, duplicity married (bigamy), maltreatment or attempt on the life of the husband. 

4. Divorce granted in one case the couple does not comply with duties as a wife for more than five years, since the opposing enemy or permanent physical, upon agreement of the spouses. If the disability is the brain and chronic, can be granted a divorce after three years. 

5. Granted a divorce when one spouse is willing to leave for two years with his responsibilities in marriage or lost and no contact for five years. 

6. Granted the divorce when couples insist or any of them due to personal differences that resulted in the destruction of the relationship, and the relationship becomes huge burden to the couple and they work in the Party. However, the need to review pinakamasusing these cases, ensuring that serious actually seeking divorce and the conditions thereof, and after these steps prove unsuccessful attempt to save the relationship. 

7. When there is a divorce, the Parties shall ensure that the well-nourished children. 

8. When one of the couple's divorce was not granted membership of candidate members of the Party, try to clarify to him the basis or the basis for divorce. Evaluation and application in divorce proceedings, the parties should take the wife out of the Party, as long as security conditions permit. 

9. The divorce application will be heard and determined by the committee of three created by the governing organs nakasasaklaw to marry, but the committee of three is not down to the level of the Party committee of the section. If a penalty must be awarded in conjunction with the case of divorce, the committee of three will make a recommendation about it concerned organs of the Party.

By: Comrade Mark Cua

Filipino People are already shouting loud and clear to the Philippine democratic Government "WE WANT THE PHILIPPINE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT OUT!!!". The problem is Sandigan Bayan and Ombudsman is biased and partial in terms of Justice. Philippine Democratic Government is already mocking them. Not only that add up the DAP Scandal, Napoles and others special treatment Cuddling, and many more.  

Out of hopelessness of getting justice from the Philippine Democratic Government, Many towns in the provinces had already flipped and joined the revolution with the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines). Many said it is already hopeless and obviously the guilty especially those who lived their luxury with the peoples money like Gigi Reyes, Enrile Clan, and others are getting the special treatment and the biased Justice. 
Punish all is Justice. Punish a few by selection is Justice Denied said the People. They said they also want the money spent on them and returned from the Political Dynasties along with Prominent Democratic Government Officials sons, grandsons, and immediate family. 

Many flipped and turned to armed Revolution. The provinces of Sorsogon, Bicol, Sagada, Luzon Provinces Mindanao Provinces had joined the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) and kicked out the Philippine Democratic Government out of their places. All Democratic Officials are even imprisoned and no PNP (Philippine National Police) can be seen on the towns. All guarded by the Communist Movement Revolutionaries. They became revolutionary towns. 

People burned down Democratic Police Stations, lay seige on Democratic Government Barangay halls, and Town halls. Democratic Forces tried not to publish it to ABS CBN and GMA or other media to avoid any shame. 

Many of the small towns and Villages flipped showing they let the NPA (New People's Army enter their barrios and Town) and kicking out the Philippine Democratic Officials and the Democratic soldiers and policemen out of their beloved ancestral land and town. The Filipino People who flipped replaced the old Philippine Flag with the red sickle and hammer flag.

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

The Democratic SC (Supreme Court) declares DAP (Disbursement Accelearation Program) illegal in some parts which mean Noynoy and his Philippine democratic Government desecrated and mocked the Filipino People. Even if the DAP was not declared illegal it is very obvious it landed on the pockets of the Senators, Congressmen, Department Secretaries, and even close allies. 

The Philippine Democratic Government keeps on saying that it is in good faith and it had gained many but the Philippine Democratic Government is not releasing papers documents where the money went, who received it. Because they once released it it very obvious who benefited from it and who covered it up. Who is the master mind. 

Butch Abad is one of the main conspirators of DAP but despite the resignation letter Noynoy refused to remove him which destroyed more credibility and angered the Filipino People more. This is direct mockery to the Filipino People. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

USP (Upsilon Sigma Phi) had another young student victim who is staying in St Lukes for severe injuries and later released from Hospital in 23rd of June 2014. The Victim or Student is only 17 years old and they are known to be mostly studying law in UP (University of the Philippines). 

UP (University of the Philippines) apologized to the family of the 17 years old student and gave a warning to the USP (Upsilon Sigma Phi). It is the same Fraternity that killed some of its students way back years ago. The Family wants to take case to the Democratic Court and sued the members of USP (Upsilon Sigma Phi). 

UP said if ever that student found a member of a fraternity the University had all the right to kick him or her out of the University. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

5 members of Tau Gamma Phi was arrested and caught in Caught trying paddle and hit Neophytes in Cavite. The Lot owner saw the people huddling around and called the police. They are brought in to the Cavite Precinct. 

The Neophytes are brought to the hospital and the 5 members caught are imprisoned. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

4 of the Tau Gamma Phi Members flies off from the Philippine to escape Justice. The pictures of some of the Tau gamma Phi members are already released by Democratic NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). There are also women watching while Guillo and others are hit like some Pig carcass in the Butchery. 

The house watcher said who is also a Tau Gamma Phi member there are women and along with officers of the Tau Gamma Phi De La Salle and Benilde Chapter. More than 22 Suspects are now being looked for and waited to be arrested. Based on the house watcher, the women also laughed with joy each time Guillo and others hit like pig carcasses. 

This is the so called Brotherhood they are talking about. The Tau Gamma Phi is also not cooperating by covering up their crimes. 8 of the more than 22 suspects of the Tau Gamma Phi members are already released. The rest of the tau Gamma Phi members even if they are not Benildean and Alumni are already being investigated and about to be find out by the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and the PNP (Philippine National Police). Some are in UST (University of Sto Thomas), UP (University of the Philippines), and others. 

The leader is still in hiding and refused to surrender. 

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