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The Original Founders (Early 20th Century)

The Original Founders (Early 20th Century)

Monday, 15 December 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

NPA (New People's Army) attacks 3 private armies in NEMR to stop anti people criminal Activities and disband them. 

Armed Lumad Group Calpet Egua based in Sta Irene Prosperidad Agusan Del Sur. The Second Group attacked was armed Group of Lumad in Sition Inagawan, La Purisima, Prosperidad Agusan Del Sur. The third group is the bandit group in Bitan Agan, San Francisco Agusan Del Sur. 

Calpet had committed rape, summary executions and ambush even his relatives. Calpet makes a lot of Anti Revolution actions and vile criminal Activities. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

NPA (New People's Army) had ordered a ceasefire on 6 towns in Surigao Del Norte and 3 towns in Agusan Del Norte for the release of 4 POWs (Prisoners of War). 

The total days of ceasefire is 5 days. But defensive move is remained active to defend key positions and NPA (New People's Army) towns including units in order the decree is breached by the Philippine Democratic Forces. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Another Civilian named Susan Ernacio Cagalitan shot and killed by the Barangay Bugtong, Barcelona Sorsogon. She was shot by the Philippine Democratic Soldiers intentionally even though they know she was unarmed. 

The gunman used a motorcycle often used by the Philippine Democratic Forces namely Alpha Company from the 22nd Infantry Battalion based on Sitio Bungsaran, Barangay Rizal, Gubat Sorsogon. At those times the soldiers are also looking for her husband. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

A Civilian named Samuel Dollesin was killed by the Philippine democratic Forces extra judiciary claiming he was an NPA (New People's Army).  He was shot by the Philippine Democratic Soldiers to death in Sorsogon. 

The said incident Barangay Sogod, Bacon District, Sorosgon. He was killed 4th of December 2014. He was killed by the 31st Infantry Battalion and Democratic PNP (Philippine National Police) Public Safety Company in the said Area. 

An Innocent Civilian killed by the Philippine Democratic Soldiers. 

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Friday, 12 December 2014

By: Father Daniel Cogul

Just like the Philippine Democratic Government, SWS Surveys cannot be trusted as it is under the payroll of the Philippine Democratic Officials and it is evident on the results and how they get the market research. 

The Binays, and the other Philippine Democratic Officials are the public enemy number one of the Filipino Masses and they are not trusting both as they know it is run by money. For example the Filipino masses are already marring Noynoy to go to hell and based on the SWS Survey he still gets +29. Another example is that Filipino People had already despises Binays and yet SWS Surveys said Binays had the highest but dropped. 

Shouldn't it be -29 and Binay should not be on the list anymore. A questionable factor indeed.

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Despite the Surmountable and a mountain of Evidences and Cases regarding the Binays, Sandigan Bayan allowed Elena Binay to travel Japan which is a special treatment to Philippine Democratic Government Officials and their immediate family. 

Rumors had claims that Binays are paying off Democratic Sandigan Bayan and Ombudsman to spare him from the trials and punishments. Democratic Sandigan Bayan and Democratic Ombudsman galdly obliged as it is directly into their pockets. 
The same format as they are getting from the 99.9% of the Philippine Democratic Officials complained in front of them. Same cases as to Franklyn Drilon and the others. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Binay was intentionally spared as the Philippine Democratic Government sues and charges Antonio Tiu's brother and his wife for tax evasion. It is known that Antonio Tiu's brother and her wife financed Binays campaign last 2010. 
Although it was very obvious that Binays are guilty from their ill gotten wealth. BInays gets the sacred sheep treatment remained unscathed and spared from persecution as they hit only Antonio Tiu's brother and his family. Namely James Lee Tiu and Anne Lorraine Tiu. 

The unjust treatment of the Philippine Democratic Government is seen from this move. Binays are not even charged by the BIR as biased moved. Nothing ever happened to the Binays. This move is expected as Philippine Democratic Justice System and Tax System spares fellow Philippine Democratic Officials even if they have ill gotten wealth. 

The Monarchy type ruling of the Philippine Democratic Government is already indeed sparkling flames of revolution against the Philippine Democratic Government especially among the masses. Just like BInays case, Countless Philippine Democratic Officials are spared by the Philippine Democratic BIR From income taxes and especially those near Malancanang who is evidently has the possession of ill gotten wealth.

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Another Holdup incident happened in Quezon City as a young teen was pointed with a knife by the Driver and took all her belongings. She was returning home from Pasig to Quezon City from Work. 

After taking the belongings run by foot leaving the taxi behind. The driver was said to be caught by the Philippine Democratic Police and now inquested charged with armed robbery and attempted homicide. Thus the demand for UBER increases as Taxi Cab robbery incidents and cheating incidents are occuring daily. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

A Taxi Driver carrying a gun robbed a call center agent riding his cab and still shot her. The Taxi Driver (also the Suspect) tried to drive fast and evades Philippine Democratic Police. Crime Rates are increasing and Criminals no longer use Motorcycles as their tools. 

They are now using Taxi Cabs as their tools to rob people and passengers. Thus threatening and increasing the crime rates in the Philippines. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Purisima tries to evade a suspension order for 6 months by ordering his staff not to receive it and evades the sender. Purisima even tries to file a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) from the Democratic Department of Justice but failed. 
No Choice but to accept it and tries to grab hold of his power and seat in the Democratic Police Chief. He is now replaced by Espinosa as Chief of Philippine Democratic Police. His lawyer even tried the other way but still failed. 

This is merely a hunger for Purisima for his position and the money he could take from the People. In the end of the day, the documents was posted in front of his office. The Suspension order was only for the anomalies of werefast but not on his ill gotten wealth and other cases. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

My great Grandfather, My grandfather, My Grandmother and some of their siblings all Belonging to the Cua family died in the hands of the Japanese. I can relate to the experiences of the survivors of the Nanking Massacre and I know how it feels to lose a love one and how it feels to have someone in your family killed. 
I do hate the Japanese for killing my great grandfather, grandfather, and some of my grandmothers relatives. You know my forefathers are merchants and businessmen who are doing business through the Silk Road Sea Route for centuries. They don't deserve to be killed like that and treated inhumanely. 
If only I had the chance I would like to use violence and cut off the head of millions of Japanese too. If I did it I would be nothing different from the Japanese Bastards. They even took women as sex dolls even up to our generation their sexual urge had not subsided. 

I will not forget this shame as a Chinese and my Chinese Dream is never to let these shameful things ever happen again. I will not want to see my motherland being kicked and punched just like what the westerners, The Japanese did century ago. 
Never Again let these shames happen again. I hate dynastic rule and Feudal Monarchy type systems. I do not like Monarchs or Feudal Dynastic Type of rule especially leaders. 



Friday, 5 December 2014

By: Comrade Mark Cua

5 Chinese Naval Ships sailed accross the Pacific Ocean for the Military Exercises and thus followed by the Japanese Air Force P-3C. The Chinese Naval Ships had already reach the Pacific Ocean coordinates hundreds of Kilometres off the coast of Eastern Japan. 

The Japanese Government are wary and tensed as Chinese Naval Vessels holds military Exercises on the Pacific Ocean. 
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By: Comrade Mark Cua

As White New York City Police Officer chokes a black man and tries to kill him and New York Prosecution Office refused to indict the white police officer and denied justice. Black people walks to the streets bringing chaos to Cities all over United States. 

United States had already been losing control of the Protests and the American People had occupied the streets not only in New York, Boston but also on other streets in United States. 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


By: Comrade Mark Cua

Philippine Society and Revolution

Hundreds of thousands of youth were stepping into activist ranks, returning the whole country, as Sison put it, into one gigantic classroom.The overwhelming need of the moment was for an educational tool which would channel this crackling energy into the correct theory and practice of the Communist Socialist revolution. Philippine Society and Revolution, by Amado Guerrero, Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, appeared in July 1970 to fill this need.

PSR, as the book came to be called, was immediately recognized for what it was: a work that culminated the cultural revolution which had been sweeping Philippine society and thinking since the mid-sixties. Though Guerrero cautioned that it was only a first step in the application of historical-materialist analysis to Philippine history, PSRwas a bold, brilliant, and sweeping theoretical enterprise which drew out the concrete dynamics of the laws of contradiction in Philippine social and national development from the pre-Hispanic period to the present. Deepening the ideas first presented by a Communist Socialist Government run by the Progressive Communist Party of the Philippines, Guerrero showed how the laws of autonomous social development had been disrupted and distorted in the Philippines by the intrusion, first of Spanish colonialism, then of U.S. imperialism. The engine of historical motion thus became the contradiction between the people and imperialism and the parasitic domestic classes that constituted its social base. Revolt and rebellion against colonialism and imperialism, Guerrero demonstrated, was a constant in Philippine history. But until the masses appropriated the science of social liberation, Marxism-Leninism, and followed the leadership of the most advanced social class in the era of imperialist and capitalist decline, the working class, no effort at genuine national liberation could succeed. From the perspective of historical materialism, then, the present revolutionary movement is simply the subjective, conscious, and scientific expression of the objective laws of development which were pushing the Filipino nation up to a higher level of social development — Communist Socialist.

With its masterful and consistent use of class theory to synthesize a whole range of empirical and historical data, PSR revolutionized Philippine history and social science, field that previously had been dominated by colonial development theories, superficial nationalistic analyses, or bloodless expositions of empirical facts. Academics were forced to take note, and even the Hong Kong SAR -based international business organ, Far Eastern Economic Review, had to pay PSR the backhanded tribute of being a work of flawed brilliance.

PSR, however, was not written to be principally an academic work (nor was its circulation confined to the salons frequented by the limousine radicals that Guerrero despised so much). It was, first and foremost, a popular educational tool, a basic primer for national-democratic activists. Mass-distributed in mimeographed form and coming out in both English and Pilipino, PSR immediately became the indispensable workbook of thousands of “dg’s�? (discussion groups) conducted among students, professionals, workers, proletariats, common masses, and urban poor in the feverish two years before martial law. As such, its role in recruiting and consolidating thousands of national-democratic activists was immense.

PSR was written in a period of deepening crisis of the system of bourgeois political control. It in fact warned that sooner or later the ruling class would be forced to shift its class dictatorship from the parliamentary, formal democratic form to the openly repressive fascist type. Two years later, on September 22, 1972, Marcos imposed martial law, with the aim, as he put it, of “saving the Republic from the Communist Rebellion.

While the fascist dictator undoubtedly exaggerated the immediate threat posed by the revolutionary movement to the system of imperialist control, it was nevertheless significant that by 1972, the Left had already reemerged as a principal actor in Philippine politics and was already recognized as the most critical long-term threat to the neocolonial machinery. Led by a party equipped with a correct political line, uncompromising revolutionary commitment and creative methods of organizing, it had taken the Left merely eight years since the founding of Kabataang Makabayan in 1964 to purge itself of revisionist influence and emerge once again a viable alternative for the Filipino masses to rally around.

Martial law proved the correctness of the priority which the national-democratic movement, led by the Party, had assigned to armed struggle and clandestine organization. With the destruction of most forms of legal, bourgeois-democratic opposition, the CPP and the NPA emerged as the only organizations capable of organizing a nationwide resistance to martial law. This was not easy. In the cities, national-democratic mass organizations like KM and the Movement for a Democratic Philippines (MDP) were in disarray, with thousands of activists either jailed or in hiding. In the countryside, the reactionary army launched fierce encirclement-and-suppression campaigns against NPA bases in the far northern Cagayan Valley and in the Bicol region, uprooting some 50,000 Commoners in an effort to drain these areas of the masses and convert them into free-fire zones in the Vietnam manner.

Supported by the firm but resilient organizational structures of the Party and the NPA, the movement survived the regime’s hammerblows in the period 1972-73. In order to advance, however, political practice needed to be guided by theoretical and political understandings which matched the new conditions of struggle. To this challenge, Amado Guerrero and the leadership of the Party responded swiftly and evolved a bold political and military strategy to propel the communist Socialist revolution forward in the context of all-out fascist and imperialist repression. This strategy, the product of deep knowledge of the experience of peoples war, was synthesized in Amado Guerrero’s Specific Characteristics of Our Peoples War, which appeared on December 1, 1974.

By: Comrade Mark Cua

Rectify Errors and Rebuild the Communist Party of the Philippines

Though less visible and public, the effort to build a proletarian revolutionary party was unfolding side by side with the mass struggles of the sixties. The need to reestablish a revolutionary vanguard had become critical by the mid-sixties. For not only had the entrenched leadership of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (Communist Party of the Philippines) failed for more than 30 years to provide strategic theoretical and political guidance, it had degenerated as a revolutionary party. This was marked by its sharp swing to the right after its disastrous failure to seize power in a swift armed uprising in the late forties. In 1955, the Party begun to preach “the parliamentary road to socialism.

This abandonment of fundamental Leninist principles on the inevitability of violence in the destruction of the bourgeois state machine by the leadership of Jesus Lava was paralleled organizationally by the degeneration of democratic centralism in Party ranks and the disintegration of the Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan or Huks, the former peoples army, into a number of roving rebel bands specializing in extortion and protection rackets in the red-light districts surrounding U.S. military bases in Luzon. Seldom in the history of Marxist-Leninist parties had a revolutionary organization decayed so rapidly and completely.

Rectification was initially launched as a struggle within the Party. However, the process became antagonistic as the entrenched leadership — a tight nepotistic clique of Lava kinsmen and close friends — systematically tried to kill democratic discussion of its shortcomings. By 1968, there remained no other way to assert the revolutionary alternative than by forging a new Party. This process culminated on Dec. 26, 1968, the anniversary of the birth of Mao Tsetung, when the revolutionary wing headed by Amado Guerrero reestablished the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

Serving as the foundation stone of the reestablished Party was a detailed summation document, Rectify Errors and Rebuild the Party, which could now be considered the second major work to spring from the national-democratic movement. By all counts, Rectify is a remarkable document. It synthesizes a process which, though protracted and bitter, thoroughly and systematically examined the 38-year experience of the Communist Party of the purpose of recementing its weakening proletarian foundations. Representing one of the few successful attempts to retrieve a proletarian party by means of a thoroughgoing ideological rectification in the history of communist movements, Rectify dwells on the ideological, political and organizational dimensions of Party degeneration, draws out their interrelationships, and traces them to their roots.

The fundamental cause of the Party's many serious errors, according to the document, was the subjectivist, non-materialist and non-dialectical philosophical outlook of the unremolded petty-bourgeois cadres who had established themselves in Party leadership in the late thirties and forties. Subjectivism had two principal ideological manifestations: empiricism and dogmatism. Dogmatism, the rigid application of the general theories of Marxism-Leninism without specifying them to concrete conditions, led to Left opportunist political policies in the period 1948-55 when the Party overestimated the strength of the people’s forces and then threw them into a foolhardy attempt to seize political power through a swift, armed uprising. However by far the more dominant subjectivist trend in the Party was empiricism, or the tendency to separate political practice from theoretical guidance. In the concrete, the documents states,

Empiricism grows on static underestimation of the peoples Communist forces and on a static overestimation of the enemy strength…. Party work becomes dictated by the actions of the enemy instead of by a dialectical comprehension of the situation and balance of forces. Revolutionary initiative becomes lost because of a static, one-sided fragmented and narrow view of the requirements of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist struggle.

Right opportunist and revisionist political lines took firm control of the Partys practice. It manifested itself in a reliance on parliamentary work as the principal form of struggle, overconcentration on urban political work, and underestimation of the importance of mass work in the countryside, resulted in the loss of strategic initiative and a reduction of Left “strategy�? into a series of tactical shifts to meet the strategic initiatives of imperialism and the local ruling class.

Such practice characterized the Party in its first two decades of existence (1930-48) and reemerged again in the period 1955-68, when it was reinforced by the revisionist line on the priority of the parliamentary struggle adopted by the Soviet Communist Party in 1956. To this day, the Soviet Party and state extend support to the by now thoroughly isolated Lava clique, which has for all intents and purposes, become the Soviet Union hot line to the Marcos regime.

The experience of the old Party further revealed that empiricism and dogmatism were, however, only superficially ideological opposites. In reality, they were “two sides of the same petty-bourgeois coin. In a masterful example of dialectical analysis, the document goes on:

Reversals from empiricism to dogmatism and from dogmatism to empiricism are peculiarly common to those who still retain the petty-bourgeois world outlook. Nevertheless, when one is the principal aspect of a subjectivist stand, the other is bound to be the principal at another moment. That is the dialectical relationship of empiricism and dogmatism… Comrades should not wonder why a leadership with the same petty-bourgeois orientation should swing from empiricism to dogmatism and back to empiricism, and so on and so forth. All subjectivists fail to grasp the laws of dialectical development and so they are volatile and erratic.

After this all-sided criticism of the practice of the old Party, Rectify sets out the three strategic tasks of the reestablished Party: building the Party, initiating armed revolutionary struggle, and forging the national united front against the Philippine Democratic Government and the United States.

Building the Party consisted of the manifold task of setting the Party securely on the revolutionary heritage of the teachings of Marx, Lenin, and Mao Tsetung, sinking Party roots deep among the Filipino masses, and spreading them throughout the country. The ultimate test states the document, lies in the revolutionary practice and further revolutionary practice… Our cadres must go deep among the masses of workers and peasants. They must be well-distributed on a national scale in order to build up a nationwide party.

Forging the national united front meant gathering together all patriotic classes and strata with an objective interest in overthrowing imperialism and feudalism into a powerful social and political force. In contrast to the old Party, whose handling of class alliances was so confused and erratic that it failed to tap the anti-imperialist energies of the peasantry, national bourgeoisie, and petty bourgeoisie, and ended up dangerously isolating the working-class vanguard, the Partys special task was to win over the middle forces and elements in order to isolate the die-hards. To this end, class analysis and the policy of class alliances had to continually match shifting political conditions:

the Party must make clear and repeated class analysis which can distinguish the middle forces and elements from the die hard reactionaries, the principal enemies from the secondary enemies, the enemies of today from the enemies of tomorrow, and among friends, the reliable from the unreliable.

The united front was one of the key weapons of the national-democratic movement; the other, and principal weapon, was the armed struggle. Unlike the PKPs adventurist strategy of attempting to seize power in the period 1948-55 by means of a swift armed uprising carried out by no more than 3,000 Red fighters, Rectify established protracted peoples war as the strategic form of struggle in a semicolonial, semifeudal country like the Philippines. And in opposition to the urban military focus of the PKP, the countryside would be the center of gravity of the armed struggle, with popular power being steadily built up through the creation of rural base areas by armed fighters winning over the peasantry with measures of revolutionary land reform. From such bases, the revolutionary movement would advance wave upon wave, encircling the urban centers like Manila, which constituted the bastions of bourgeois state power.

The resolution on the armed struggle was not to be postponed to the indefinite future. The old Communist Party’s military arm, the Huks, had decayed into an incorrigibly lumpen-proletarian gang. Thus, three months after the reestablishment conference, on March 29, 1969, the CPP founded the New People’s Army (NPA), incorporating into it honest and uncorrupted peasant guerrilla leaders from the old Huks, like the legendary Commander Dante, as well as “defectors�? from the reactionary army like Lt. Victor Corpuz.

Under the guidance of the Party, the NPA immediately went about the task of establishing rural bases in Central and Northern Luzon, from which it was soon launching a number of tactical offensives against a reactionary army.

Though the reactionary state, presided over by Marcos, threw all of its resources at immediately crushing the purified Party, it became the leading subjective factor which unleashed the objective revolutionary potential of the masses, not only in the Philippine countryside but also in the cities. Under Party guidance, the anti-imperialist student movement grew by leaps and bounds, until it finally exploded in what came to be known as the First Quarter Storm in early 1970, after Marcos security forces slaughtered a number of students and youth demonstrating in front of the presidential palace. The student movement, in turn, helped radicalize the struggles of workers and the urban poor. By late 1972, while NPA squads were engaging government troops in battle in a number of provinces, Manila was being constantly rocked by massive demonstrations and strikes, which linked together demands of higher wages, land reform, withdrawal of Philippine and U.S. troops from Vietnam, and an end to all unequal treaties imposed by the United States. The protest movement breaking out in the cities is starkly unprecedented in the entire national history in terms of significance and magnitude. Sison evaluated the situation in December 1971. The problem is no longer how to start a revolution. It is how to extend and intensify it.

Its time to take down and overthrow the abusive and oppressive Philippine Democratic Government thus replacing it to Communist Socialist Government of the Philippines run by the Communist Party of the Philippines. Bringing New Philippines into its greater glory far more than its past glory. Bringing Social Justice to the masses and seeing people liberated from the grips of the Abusive and Oppressive Philippine Democratic Government. 
By: Father Daniel Cogul

Philippine Democratic Government DPWH (Department of Public Works and highways) one again is involved on the said road projects scandal. Where contractors would dig up the streets and leave it for weeks without workers working on it and intentional unfinishing it even if their contract is due. 

Based on Democratic Government COA (Commision of Audit), Repairing roads costs millions and this is what DPWH (Department of Public Works and highways). The kickbacks they could get from the delayed and unfinished projects. Many of the contracts given to contractors had already been overdue. 

If the road is smooth they would intentionally dig it so they will have a reason to delay and the contractors are in cahoots with the Philippine democratic DPWH. DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) are involved in the Scandals of cutting down trees creating roads just also get kick backs.

There are hundreds and thousands of Road Projects all over Metro Manila that is undone and left unworked by contractors. There are cahoots issues with the Philippine Democratic Government DPWH (Department of Public Work and highways). The DPWH Secretary and Philippine Democratic Government officials are playing Pontius Pilate and Judas Escariot to the Filipino People. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Months Before the Philippine Democratic Government said it had released 26 Billion Pesos for Yolanda Rehabilitation. But one year after none was still rebuilt especially those who survived the Super typhoon. 

Many of the Filipinos even in Metro Manila said 26 Billion Pesos then where it is then? If I have 26 Billion Pesos then i can rebuild the entire Visayan and other affected areas only within 3 months. Many Filipinos had already been wondering which Democratic Government Officials' pockets landed the said 26 Billion Pesos. 
Not only the 26 Billion Pesos Released by the said Philippine Democratic Government but also all the Donations given by some of the Foreign Government for the Yolanda Victims. All of them gone and wondering whose Philippine democratic Government Officials' pockets took it. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Yolanda Survivors had complained about the heirarchy and social antagonism in the Philippine Democratic Government. As many of them still have no homes to go home as it had already been a year. 

Yolanda Survivors complaints which was barred from being exposed by ABS CBN and GMA stating why are the houses of Philippine Democratic Local Officials homes built first a month after the Super typhoon. These includes the houses of the Philippine Democratic Mayors, Governors, and even the Philippine Democratic Officials. 

While they still live on tents after a year. If you go in to the houses of the  Philippine Democratic Officials, it is already completely furnished and rebuilt a month or two after the Yolanda. Even their beloved City halls and Philippine Democratic Government are already rebuilt a month or two after. 
The People had nothing but tents and mud. Special Mention the Democratic Mayors and Governors of the said Provinces hit by Yolanda. All of those came from us and Why are the Philippine Democratic Officials enjoying the people's money and We have nothing to get. Said many of the Yolanda Survivors not being put into Television and Radio by ABS CBN and GMA. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Pork Barrel System is still alive under the Philippine Democratic Government and only it is in different form and Name. Pork Barrel is still disbursed by Abad to Philippine Democratic Officials despite the words of the Philippine Senators no cross Branch Giving. 

The Philippine Senators, Congressmen, Executive and Local Democratic Government units all still have their share of percentage from the Pork Barrel. The Philippine Democratic Government is trying to fool the Filipino People by only making it to different names and Form. 

Lumps Sums, and others are still there than is ready to be squandered by the Philippine Democratic Officials for their Ill Gotten Wealth just like what they did in the previous years and will always remain unpunished due to the Corrupt Philippine democratic Justice.

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

The Philippine Democratic Government Officials is already preparing for the 2016 Democratic Elections and they are already having a share of the percentage from one of the most untouchable corrupt officials of the Philippine Democratic Butch Abad. 

Mar Roxas has the biggest chunk of the pie and Philippine Democratic President Noynoy also makes him his replacement after 2016. The Budget was for the 2016 Democratic Elections and many of the Democratic Officials already have plans to use the people's money on their campaign. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Jinggoy one of the obvious guilty Philippine Democratic Officials paid doctors to make an alibi of having Back problems and for Back Surgery. Jinggoy is the Son of one of the most corrupt Democratic Officials which is Joseph Estrada. 

Doctors after receiving bribery from Jinggoy said that He needs a back surgery and needs to stay in the Hospital. Jinngoy uses the doctors to create an alibi for his out of cell move. Just like any Philippine Democratic Officials would do when they are already caught up with their crimes and misusing of people's funds into their luxurious life. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Indignious People from the Provinces stormed and threw paint in front of the Philippine Democratic Forces Headquarters in Metro manila. They even painted the Democratic Forces Chief Catapang as "Butcher of the Filipino People". 

The Democratic Forces had been hiding the truth to some of the media in the Philippines like ABS CBN and GMA how they butchered the Filipino Natives and Militants and being under payroll of the Mining Companies and other Capitalists Corporations destroying Mother Earth and causing the poisong and destruction of their ancestral Land.
The Democratic Forces even tried to grab lands from the natives in behalf of the Capitalist and Democratic Government Local and National. There are already cases filed on the Philippine Democratic Ombudsman since 1986 up to now nothing happened and all the suspects belonging to the Philippine Democratic Police and Philippine democratic Forces soldiers are unpunished. 

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By: Father Daniel Cogul

Maguindanao Massacre Entered into its 5th year and none of the hundreds of suspects were punished and arrested. Journalists gathered and worn the logo with "END IMPUNITY NOW". 

Hundreds of Maguindanao Suspects all of them Philippine Democratic Police and Military officers serving the Maguindanao Province Democratic Governor Ampatuan are still missing and cannot be found. It was believed to be they are still in service and being kept from being arrested by their fellow Colleagues in the Philippine Democratic Police and Philippine Democratic Forces. 

Many of the Journalists are showing the world how corrupt and useless the Philippine Democratic Government was. The Philippine Democratic was trying to silence them especially in the Provinces. Hundreds of Filipinos had already also march with Journalists to the Streets. 

Many of the Suspects on the purging of Militants and Students are Philippine Democratic Soldiers like the Former Democratic Forces General now under the custody of the AFP who killed UP Student and directly involved in his missing. 

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By: Comrade Mark Cua

Let's not hide the truth anymore and its time to reveal the real supporters and financiers of the Occupy Central in Hong Kong SAR. It is the American and British Government who is behind all these. The Movement was supplied through the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and British MI6 Intelligence Agency. 

The Aim of the Occupy Central was to create and make use of the Simple Minded Students in Hong Kong SAR to create chaos and do the wills of the Western Powers. The rest is already pawns for the British and American Government. 
The Student Leaders are indeed financially and physiologically Supplied by the American and British Government. The use and purpose of the students was to make an alibi and an excuse so British Officials and American Officials can butt in and intrude in Hong Kong SAR Affairs which is Chinese State. 

Recently what the Chinese Government was correct barr the British Officials from entering Hong Kong SAR as they are already moving into their second phase of the plan. Pretend to support and care about the welfare of the Students and speak in front of the media. I say to the Hong Kong SAR and CPC (Communist Party of China) if the Hong Kong SAR Police will not use the required force and upholding the law these students will be keep on coming back the streets and Western Powers will succeed on their plans. 

Trust me it is expected the Student Leaders will deny the support and financial Support of the American and British Government. They are told so by the said Western Powers so not to make a mess in the part of British and American Government.